Breakfast fundraiser dates back 20 years!

Posted 30 Jan 2018.


One of our major corporate partners, Davey Real Estate, recently hosted their annual Australia Day Charity Breakfast - an event that began over 20 years ago! General Manager of Davey Real Estate, Andrew Davey, shares with us the history and inspiration behind the fundraiser in the blog below.


"I remember my first Australia Day Charity BBQ. I started at 4:30am and it was 20+ years ago. Back then we hired marquees and I dropped the items (bread, sauce, meat etc.) off before the marquees arrived. It was hot, reaching over 40 degrees during the day and it seemed everyone was going to the beach.

My Grandmother, Peg, had died several years previously, from cancer, and I had assumed we were doing it in her honour and as a sort of thank you to the Cancer Council Cottage Hospice that looked after her towards the end. It was many years later that I found out that in fact, "Grandma D" had started it years earlier because she too had lost friends to cancer. She wanted to involve the community and came up with the idea for the Davey Australia Day walk in order to raise awareness and funds which would assist patients and their families who had/have been touched by cancer, and also to help research in order to find a cure.

So it has been going for over 20 years now and is a staple event for the locals and some people that drive many kilometres to visit us and support our cause.

This year, due to staff numbers and the fact that Scarborough Beach is still under construction, we have reduced the number of stations down to 2 but we also have a pseudo station at North Beach Shopping Centre that will be run by 96 degrees café.

The feeling you get after a few hours working at one of the stations is unfortunately rare these days for many of us with our busy lives, but that warm glow in the heart and belly is unmistakable and lasts a long time.

Knowing you have done a good thing, perhaps helped in some small way to beat cancer, raise awareness, break down the barrier between the general public and real estate agents is just great. And it is just good fun too!"


Andrew Davey, General Manager of Davey Real Estate


Since its inception, the Davey Real Estate Australia Day Breakfast fundraiser has raised over $20,000 for us! If you would like to fundraise for us visit our Fundraising Page or give our Fundraising Team a call on 1300 65 65 85.


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