Could this personalised vaccine stop melanoma turning deadly?

Posted 1 May 2018.

Dr Jason Waithman with his team


In the next 48 hours 70 Australians will be diagnosed with melanoma and this year over 1,600 Australians will lose their lives to melanoma. We're determined to change this, but we need your help.

Perth based researcher Dr Jason Waithman and his team are currently working on an exciting research project which could save many lives. Dr Waithman has found a way to make treating melanoma through immunotherapy more effective.

He's working with his team to develop a vaccine that could help boost the body's immune system, turning the body's own cells into an army that seeks out and destroys cancer cells. It has fewer side effects than chemotherapy and leads to far quicker recovery.

‘The next two years are going to be very exciting for us. Recent developments in the field demonstrate that cancer vaccination is a promising treatment strategy,' said Dr Waithman.

If successful this could also be used to treat many cancers, including lung cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck cancers and Hodgkin's lymphoma.

T-Cells (red) forming an army against melanoma (green)

‘This is one of the most exciting times for cancer research. We have the potential to make huge inroads into multiple forms of this disease with new technologies and novel approaches,' he said.

It's an exciting discovery that could save many lives.

With your help, we can continue funding researchers like Dr Waithman, allowing them to turn discoveries into breakthroughs. Please make a tax deductible donation today - together, we can save lives.


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