Fundraising ideas throughout Dry July

Posted 27 Jun 2018.


It's official. You have an allegiance to Dry July and now need to urge your friends and family to part with their money in your support. With so many causes and charities to support these days, it's hard for people to choose, even if you're their favourite colleague (or maybe they'll miss their drinking buddy too much to factor in a donation!)

Well, we have you covered. Check out our top fundraising ideas that will make donating irresistible.

Creative touch

Remember that macramé class you attended? Now is the time to hunt for those tools required to create your urban plant hangers! If macramé isn't for you, rediscover what you enjoy and get creating. People are more than happy to part with their money when they are purchasing something unique and creative. Try to look for re-usable materials for sustainability.

Cook up a storm

July is the perfect month to exploit your culinary skills. Think winter chutneys or hot curries, whatever you decide, I am sure your work place wont refuse you selling your goodies that day! Check out some of your favourite recipes on our LiveLighter website.

When life gives you lemons

Set up a hot lemonade stand! Get your little ones and friends involved in setting up a stand. Everybody loves lemonade! Putting a warm twist on this old fashioned fundraising idea could turn your lemons in to cost effective earnings! 

Dancing Queen No.17

Host a bingo night for your friends and family. This is an inexpensive way of raising some money. You get to choose the prizes and you may find you have a few unwanted gifts lying around that you can be put to good use!

Healthy bake sale

Ask your nana or your mum to help you cook up a batch of healthy snacks to sell at work. Nobody will be able to refuse a Butternut squash Muffin come the afternoon. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice with heaps of healthier options, and these can be inexpensive to prepare. Remember, you are making in batches which go a long way and you will have a lot of mouths to feed!  

Now that you have the ideas, it's time to begin your fundraising empire! The funds you raise will help us to continue providing our vital 13 11 20 support service for all West Australian affected by cancer when they need it most. .

As WA's leading cancer charity every day we're working to support families, prevent cancer, and save lives. From funding life-saving cancer research to delivering state-wide prevention programs, advocating for change and supporting WA families affected by cancer, when they need it the most, every minute, every hour, every day we're striving towards our vision of cancer-free future.

For cancer information and support call us on 13 11 20.

If you haven't already, sign up for Dry July, here:


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