Irene credits yoga with helping in her recovery

Posted 29 Mar 2018.

Despite a battle with cancer, Mandurah resident Irene Williams remains remarkably positive and credits yoga and exercise with helping in her recovery.

In 2001 Irene was diagnosed with breast cancer, had her lymph nodes removed in 2002 and was then diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2015. In early 2016 doctors found her bowel cancer had metastasized in her ovaries.

Irene underwent a 12-hour surgery to remove her womb, ovaries, gall bladder and large colon. Before her surgery in April 2016, she completed our free Life Now Yoga course and was half-way through our Life Now exercise program. Irene said yoga and exercise classes helped her immensely.

“I found these classes had built up my strength to help me through the 12 hours of surgery and my recovery was much easier,” she said.

Yoga can help to improve overall wellbeing and fitness by increasing muscle strength, bone density, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Benefits for cancer patients can include improvements in overall quality of life, mood, sleep quality and reduced stress and fatigue.

“I would highly recommend these programs to any cancer patient as they are designed around the needs and capabilities of each individual who is living through the cancer journey,” Irene said.

“I put my quick recovery down to Cancer Council’s yoga and exercise classes. Participating in these classes has been hugely beneficial - they’ve helped to make the journey a lot easier for me. They build up your strength and help you feel relaxed.

“Cancer Council WA provides an incredible service that really makes a difference when you’ve been affected by cancer. There are a lot of people out there who need this sort of thing. Cancer Council WA needs to be applauded.”

Registrations for our Life Now yoga and exercise programs are now open. Find your nearest class here or give our Cancer Nurses a call on 13 11 20 for more information.



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