Looking for loved ones: a skin check buddy could save your life

Updated 21 Sep 2018.

 person inspecting a mole on another person's back

New research shows melanomas are more likely to be detected early by married couples, as partners keep a watch on skin spot changes.

The international study of 52,000 people, published today in The Journal of the American Medical Association, revealed those who were married went to the doctor with less advanced melanomas. Skin cancers that are found and treated early need less invasive treatment and have a better outcome.

While it's not surprising news, it does highlight the importance of doing our own regular checking for skin cancer and not just leaving it to the annual check-up with the doctor.

Not only are our loved ones more likely to keep an eye on our bodies and encourage going to the doctor quickly when something's not right, but they can see those hard to check places like your neck, back, behind the ears or soles of the feet yourself. Getting some help makes skin checks more effective!


With a bit of practice, most people can check their whole body in 15 minutes

You will need to undress completely and use a well-lit room. Check out our step by step guide to checking your skin.

A squamous or basal cell carcinoma is likely to develop on skin most often exposed to the sun, but a melanoma can develop anywhere, so check your whole body.

Read more about skin cancer, finding skin cancer, and the difference between melanoma, other skin cancers and non-cancerous spots.


What to do if you spot something?

Contact your GP as soon as possible if you see anything on your skin that:

  • has changed in size, shape or colour
  • has not healed within three weeks (such as an inflamed sore)
  • itches or bleeds
  • you do not think was there before
  • looks different to other spots around it

How often should you check?

The change of the seasons is a great regular reminder to do a good check. Set a recurring alert in your phone, or pop it in your diary as an appointment so you don't forget.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

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