Meet our 2018 Dig Deep ambassador

Posted 4 Jul 2018.

This year's Dig Deep ambassador is seven-year-old Josey from Geraldton, whose father Vince was diagnosed with cancer almost two years ago.

We caught up with Josey, Vince and mum Margot recently on one of their trips to Perth for Vince to undergo chemotherapy treatment at St John of God in Murdoch. 

Almost two years ago, doctors found a 1.5-kilogram tumour on Vince's left kidney.

"Doctors removed Vince's tumour and kidney which they believed to be a successful operation. We followed up with scans, x-rays, ultrasounds and blood tests and he was given the all clear to be seen again in a year," Margot said.

"Months later he was back in the hospital where the cancer had spread to his other kidney and lungs. A few operations later, it was determined the cancer was spreading and had changed from slow growing and passive, to aggressive and fast moving.

"Fortunately now, Vince is receiving treatment and is being monitored by a great team at SJOG in Murdoch."

Not long after his diagnosis, Vince was put in touch with Cancer Council WA's Midwest region Cancer Support Coordinator, Elizabeth Jenkinson, who referred the family to a range of practical and emotional support.

"Cancer Council has been a guiding light. It's very personal and scary when something like this happens and finding an organisation that is there to support and help answer our questions has been a lifesaver," Margot said.

"We have had meetings and massages for support, and understanding and without their help to seek financial advice we would have struggled to keep our house.

"We know where we have to go if we need any questions answered and we appreciate everything they have done, helping us through the process," Margot said.

The wide array of support services we are able to provide to families like Margot, Vince and Josey's would not be possible without the generous support of the WA community and fundraising campaigns like Dig Deep.

The West Coast Eagles have been supporting Cancer Council WA since our partnership began in 2005, helping to raise funds through the annual Dig Deep Campaign. Caltex is also now a major supporter of the campaign through their partnership with West Coast Eagles.

This year, Dig Deep will celebrate its 14th year, and to date has raised over $1.3 million for Cancer Council WA.

With the help of our West Coast Eagle ambassadors, Luke Shuey and Andrew Gaff, we are encouraging all fans to get behind the campaign by purchasing a $5 limited-edition mini football at their local Caltex site.

All funds raised through Dig Deep help us support thousands of West Aussies like Vince, Margot and Josey who are affected by cancer.



Last year alone, Dig Deep raised a fantastic $77,000, which went towards a research fellowship awarded to Professor Daniel Galvao for his work developing a survivorship program to improve health outcomes after cancer through exercise. The funds raised also helped support Dr Carolyn McIntyre's research into exercise as medicine in the management of mesothelioma.

This year's Dig Deep game day falls on August 5 which also happens to be the Western Derby - West Coast Eagles versus Fremantle Dockers! It's a massive game and Josey is looking forward to attending the game as ambassador.

"Josey is very excited to be this year's ambassador for Dig Deep. It's a fantastic experience for Josey and Vince to share together and a wonderful opportunity to get the word out to help others."

Below: Margot, Josey and Vince recently during Vince's chemotherapy treatment at St John of God Murdoch.


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