Melissa loses her locks for love and hope

Posted 4 Sep 2018.

The Temov family after their head shave

Melissa, far right, with Silvana, centre, and their family after the head shave

When her mum, Silvana, was diagnosed with breast and pancreatic cancer, Melissa Temov decided to put her energy into something that not only showed support to her mum, but also provided hope for the thousands of other families affected by cancer in WA.

"I decided to do a head shave for two reasons; the first was to support and join my mum in shaving her head, so she wasn't alone in losing her hair. The second was to put money towards research to help find a cure for cancer," Melissa said.

Hearing her mum, Silvana's diagnosis was incredible difficult for Melissa and her family.

"I remember mum being in the hospital and a doctor we had never met had to deliver the terrible news after a CT scan. It was devastating to know that mum had this diagnosis, but I feel so grateful that it was treatable and mum was on board with a positive attitude, ready to do everything she can to fight this disease."

When Melissa told Silvana about her idea of shaving her head to raise funds she was overwhelmed.

"Mum burst into tears when I told her what I was planning to do. She wasn't on board until I explained why I wanted to do it - for love and for a cure - then she embraced the idea," Melissa said.

Supported by her family and friends, Melissa initially set her fundraising goal as $5000, but the support she received just blew the family away.

"My son Levi (6), decided he would shave his head if we raised $10,000 and Jake (9) who loves longer hair and is all about growing his hair said he would shave his head if it got to $15,000."

Through an incredible display of support from Melissa's family and friends, Melissa raised an amazing $18,796! Needless to say, Levi and Jake - as well as Melissa's husband and dad - all shaved their heads.

"The boys wanted to be a part of the fundraiser and support their Noni as well. Both Levi and Jake said they are very proud of their mum and Noni and love that we shaved our heads together as a family."

The funds that Melissa and her family raised will go towards supporting cancer patients around WA, as well as going towards cancer research. Something that Melissa is very passionate about.

"I think this fundraiser was such a positive reassurance to mum, especially with all the support we received from family and friends. We felt like we were all working together to support something that is so close to our family."

The Temov family before their head shave

The Temov family before the head shave

If you'd like to support Melissa's fundraising efforts, please visit her fundraising page.

How you can help

There are so many exciting ways you can fundraise to help support those touched by cancer and their loved ones in WA! Whether it's a head shave like Melissa or a quiz night, raffle, lap-a-thon or anything in between, you can fundraise in a way that suits you. Find out more at

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