Q&A with Dr Annette McWilliams

Posted 22 Jun 2018.



Dr McWilliams will be presenting our upcoming free cancer update lecture - ‘Update on the progress of lung cancer screening in Australia' on June 25. We spoke with her about what her lecture will cover and what you can expect to learn from attending below.


Cancer Council WA: What is your lecture about?

Dr Annette McWilliams: I will be discussing the pros and cons of lung cancer screening. Particularly the efforts of the international and Australian medical community.


Cancer Council WA: What are some of the difficulties with diagnosing lung cancer?

Dr Annette McWilliams: Lung cancer is usually diagnosed at a later stage when people start to develop symptoms. Lung cancer doesn't cause symptoms when it is at an early stage and is therefore hard to detect.


Cancer Council WA: What can people expect to learn from your lecture?

Dr Annette McWilliams: People can expect to understand more about early lung cancer detection, how a lung cancer screening program may be designed, the challenges faced in Australia and the current progress of lung cancer screening implementation in Australia.



Update on lung cancer screening in Australia

Date: Monday, 25 June 2018

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Venue: The State Library Theatre, Alexander Library Building Francis St, Perth

Cost: FREE


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