Ten early symptoms you need to know

Posted 6 Jun 2018.

10 symptoms to talk to your doctor about

Did you know that people who live outside of major cities have worse cancer outcomes than those who live in the city? Research shows that regional Australians are more likely to die within five years of a cancer diagnosis than people living in metropolitan areas.

It doesn't seem fair that a regional postcode should define your survival outcome, so we're doing something about it.

Find Cancer Early Campaign

In partnership with the State Government, Cancer Council WA is working to boost cancer symptom awareness, help seeking behaviour and ultimately improve cancer outcomes for people living in the bush.

Our Find Cancer Early campaign is all about educating people, particularly regional West Australians over 40, about the symptoms for the five most common cancers: prostate, breast, bowel, lung and skin.

The campaign encourages people to find cancer early and tell their doctor or health worker as soon as possible.

Our 10 symptoms checklist

Check out our checklist below and ask yourself - have you, or anyone you love, had any of these? If you have and you're over 40, tell your doctor, clinic nurse or health worker straight away. 



Why is it so important?

The earlier cancer is found, the greater the chance of successful treatment and going on to live a healthy life.

If you can find cancer when it's at an early stage, before it's had the chance to get too big or spread to other parts of the body, it can often be easily removed or treated.

If the cancer has spread, treatment becomes more difficult and a person's chances of survival may not be as good.

Some stats:

  • The percentage of people who die from cancer has fallen by 20% in the past thirty two years
  • More than 67% of the people diagnosed with cancer today will still be alive in five years' time
  • Even for those cancers where survival is poor, the chances of surviving are better if the cancer is found early

Help us spread the message

We're sharing the Find Cancer Early message to regional WA via every channel we can. This includes television, radio and print advertising, as well as advertising online using platforms such as Gmail, YouTube and Facebook.

We also have seven Regional Education Officers on the ground delivering education sessions and checklists throughout regional WA and we've partnered with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to deliver checklists to the most remote parts of WA.

But we need your help to ensure more people see the message.

Help us by sharing our Find Cancer Early video below, or by sharing the 10 Symptoms Checklist with anyone you know in regional WA.

For more information (including resources) please visit findcancerearly.com.au or call 13 11 20 to speak with one of our cancer nurses.


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