The best eggs you'll eat this Easter

Posted 21 Feb 2018.

As Easter chocolate starts to find its way into our homes and workplaces, our LiveLighter dietitian, Anne Finch, recommends we embrace a different sort of egg - the chicken kind.

There have been Easter eggs at the shops since before Christmas, which must be a record! It's a lovely metaphor for what's happening in food generally; foods that used to be special treats, eagerly anticipated, are becoming part of the everyday diet.

So if you've already had your fill of chocolate eggs, why not try something different this Easter? LiveLighter is highlighting the benefits of eggs and featuring some of our favourite egg recipes for you to try. Team one of these dishes with a vigorous egg hunt for a happy and healthy long weekend.

Five benefits of eggs

1. They're versatile
If you've got eggs in the fridge, you've got a meal! Not only can eggs be used as a toast topper in a number of ways, but they're also the star ingredient in quiches, frittatas and omelettes. Check out our Back to Basics guides on how to cook perfectly poached eggs, creamy scrambled eggs and boiled eggs just way you like them. If you're feeling creative you could also try making shakshuka, a hearty Moroccan dish featuring pan-baked eggs (pictured above).

2. They're filling
Eggs are a great source of protein which helps give us that feeling of fullness and satisfaction after a meal. Adding eggs to your morning toast will keep you feeling fuller for longer, and a hardboiled egg sandwich makes a tasty and satiating lunch that will see you through the afternoon.

3. They're cheap
Meat and fish are great sources of protein, but can be expensive when feeding a family. Eggs are a great way to add a serve of protein to a meal if you're on a budget. Pro-tip: look into getting a couple of chooks if you've got room in the backyard. They'll eat up some of your kitchen scraps and give you beautiful fresh eggs in return!

4. They're not meat
For our wallet, health and the environment, most Australians could do with eating a bit less meat. If you're not ready to go full herbivore, an egg dish is a great way to start. Eggs are high in protein, low in fat and can replace meat in a range of dishes, including stir-fries, sandwiches and pies (a quiche is pretty much an egg pie, right?)

5. They're a favourite with kids
A runny soft-boiled egg with toast dippers is hard for any kid to go past. Scrambled eggs are an easy recipe to teach older kids to make independently for their breakfast on the weekend. Livelighter's Pumpkin, leek and feta mini frittatas make a nutritious finger food for toddlers and are perfect packed in kids' lunchboxes. Hardboiled eggs are also great for 'rubbish free' school lunchboxes.

Have a happy and safe break everyone, and get cracking with some egg recipes!

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