The future of Lung Cancer Screening

Updated 5 Jul 2018.

To bring new research findings to the wider WA community and shine a light on important cancer issues, Cancer Council WA regularly hosts free Cancer Update lectures for the public.

In June, we hosted Dr Annette McWilliams, Respiratory Physician at Fiona Stanley Hospital who gave a free lecture on the progress being made towards lung cancer screening in Australia.

Dr McWilliams discussed the pros and cons of lung cancer screening and some of the difficulties faced when diagnosing lung cancer.

"Lung cancer is usually diagnosed at a later stage when people start to develop symptoms. Lung cancer doesn't cause symptoms when it is at an early stage and is therefore hard to detect," said Dr McWilliams.

She also discussed how a lung cancer screening program may be designed, the challenges faced in Australia and the current progress of lung cancer screening implementation in Australia.

A video of Dr McWilliams lecture is available online at this link

Lung Cancer Screening Opportunity

As part of her work, Dr McWilliams is working with colleagues at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital to conduct an international lung cancer screening trial.

They are looking for people who are:

  • Aged 55 - 80 
  • A current or former smoker in generally good health
  • No history of lung cancer
  • No CT chest scan within the last 2 years

If you meet these criteria you may be eligible to participate in this study at Fiona Stanley Hospital or Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Participants will have a low-dose chest CT scan to see if it can detect early lung cancer.

Register your interest in participating.

Upcoming Perth lectures

Our next free Cancer Council Update public lecture will be held on Friday 10 August and will see Dr Rachel Delahunty discuss the TRACEBACK international project, covering a new approach to breast cancer prevention.

Find out more.


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