We’re touring WA to bust cancer myths

Updated 25 Sep 2018.

Cancer Myths Roadshow


Do microwaves cause cancer, are plastic food containers dangerous? Everyone's heard a cancer myth, but what's true and what's false?

To celebrate our 60th anniversary we're touring WA to give you the facts - and the answers might surprise you!

We'll be holding FREE events across WA throughout 2018 and we'd love you to come along! We'll explain how cancer myths start and help you separate fact from fiction.

It's the perfect opportunity to have your questions answered and get to know more about the work we're doing in your community to reduce the impact and incidence of cancer. Check out our tour dates below to find out when we'll be visiting you.

Interested in attending?

Register for our upcoming events via the links below. Light refreshments will be provided following the Q&A session.

Register to attend our Kalgoorlie event

Register to attend our Bunbury event

Need more information?

If you'd like more information about our upcoming events or would like to submit a question to be answered please call us on 9212 4333.

For more information on cancer myths please visit our cancer myths and controversies page.

For more information on our 60th Anniversary visit our history page.


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