What a month off alcohol does to your body

Posted 13 Jun 2018.


Dry July article 2


No matter what your reason is for signing up to Dry July this year, the health benefits of cutting out alcohol remain firmly the same.

A huge 80% of Aussies are alcohol drinkers and just last year, a staggering 1.9 million of us consumed more than six standard drinks per day! Participating in Dry July is the perfect opportunity to give your body a well-deserved rest.

Here are some great health benefits you'll start to feel within the first 12 hours of your alcohol-free journey:


  • Within the first 12-24 hours detoxification begins and your blood sugar levels begin to normalise.
  • Within Week 1 your quality of sleep should improve and you will feel more hydrated.
  • Within week 2 you may start to notice some weight loss after cutting out those sneaky calories!
  • Week 3-4, great news! Your blood pressure will start to stabilise.


Allowing your body to make these important changes will also have a positive effect on your mental health. Going beyond five weeks, you will see even more benefits:


  • An improvement in your sleep quality, an increase in wakefulness, enhanced work performance and improved concentration.
  • PLUS, a decrease in weight, cholesterol and liver fat.


Every dollar your raise this Dry July will help us continue to provide our vital 13 11 20 support service for all West Australians affected by cancer. 13 11 20 is run by our experienced Cancer Nurses here in WA and works to connect thousands of patients and their families with support, information and resources when they need it most.


Sign up and donate to Cancer Council WA today!


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