Become a healthy lunchbox pro through Packed with Goodness!

Posted 6 Nov 2019.

Packed with Goodness program

Cancer Council WA recently launched an exciting new program to help equip parents with the skills and confidence to pack healthy lunchboxes and prepare nutritious food at home.

The Packed with Goodness program is available for parents at all Western Australian primary schools and involves free 90-minute sessions delivered by qualified professionals at your school.

The fun, practical and engaging sessions will cover:

  • tips for packing a healthy lunchbox
  • healthy alternatives to pre-packaged snacks
  • the importance of fruit and vegies for kids
  • label reading
  • the best drink choices for kids

Each parent will receive a free resource kit to take home, packed with information and goodies to get started.

Schools that book a Packed with Goodness session will also receive a teacher's toolkit that provides all the resources needed to promote the sessions to parents.

Want to bring Packed with Goodness to your school?

Why Packed with Goodness is important?

Only 1 in 6 WA children are eating enough vegetables and half of their energy is coming from junk food.

Parents are the first and most important role models when it comes to teaching children the value of good nutrition. So equipping parents with the skills and confidence to establish healthy eating habits at home can have a lifelong positive influence on a child's health.

Eating well is not only important for growth and development, but it also supports the immune system and in the long term, can also prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer.

What are you waiting for? Book a Packed with Goodness session for your school now.


Need some inspiration in the meantime?

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More information

  • Cancer Council WA delivers the Crunch&Sip and Packed with Goodness programs that aim to increase the quantities of vegetables, fruit and water that WA children consume and develop healthy habits
  • The Packed with Goodness program is available for free to all West Australian primary school parents thanks to Healthway

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