Bentley business leading the way in workplace wellbeing

Updated 6 Mar 2019.


R-Group International employees Amy Henstock, Balmik Soin, Frank Cerveny, Katelyn Clune and Lin Cheong. The IT company has introduced lunchtime yoga among other health and wellbeing activities for staff.


A Bentley IT business is proving health and wellbeing can remain a priority amongst the myriad of daily tasks at work.

R-Group International's health and wellbeing program has been running since 2016 and is overseen by two program coordinators and a committee of staff from across all sectors of the workplace. Last year, R-Group International was recognised as a Silver Healthy Workplace by our Workplace WA program.

"We're happily bucking the stereotype that people in IT and communications sit behind a desk all day," R-Group Office Manager Amy Henstock said.

"By signing up for the program in 2016, we committed to improve the emotional and physical wellbeing of our team.

"Our 38 staff members really embraced the program, and that has enabled us to expand it and transition to silver certification in just 16 months. We're now aiming for gold."

With support and guidance from Healthier Workplace WA, R-Group International addressed their health and wellbeing policy, the physical working environment, and began education and awareness-raising activities.

"Working with our limited budget, we focused on free and low cost solutions to change the things staff identified as barriers to making healthy choices," Ms Henstock said.

"We have free showers to encourage the team to actively commute to work or exercise around their work hours, and have introduced two sit-stand desks to help target sedentary behaviour. The trial of these has been so successful that we're now looking to move towards more ergonomic furniture.

"Our free lunchtime walking groups and yoga have also been big hits, and encourage staff to socialise and each away from their desks.
"The involvement, input and ideas from staff has been fantastic and the feedback we've received from the relatively small changes we've been able to make so far have inspired us to want to do more - like remove our smoking areas, and provide sit-stand desks for every staff member."


As part of their Healthy Workplace program, R-Group has introduced:

• Workplace health and wellbeing policies
• Lunchtime yoga
• Walking groups
• Sit-stand desks
• Organising social events that focus on active options including rock climbing, lawn bowls, golf and hiking.
• Providing at least 50% healthy food at all catered events
• Provisions of healthy breakfast options for staff
• Providing end of trip facilities, including free shower gel and shampoo, to encourage staff to actively commute/exercise.

Our Healthier Workplace WA program has just released a new streamlined process to register to become a Recognised Healthy Workplace online.

Applications are now open for bronze, silver and gold recognition. More information is available from


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