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Posted 6 Feb 2019.

Tony Speechley and his wife Heather have spent approximately six of the past twelve months at our Milroy Lodge in Shenton Park while Tony undergoes treatment for Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in Perth.

Tony was first diagnosed with lymphoma about a year ago. He underwent five months of treatment and was told the treatment had worked, but received news a few months later that the lymphoma had come back in his brain.

"This time, I really need to be here (at Milroy Lodge in Perth), because I live out of Albany and they can't do the treatment down there that I need. And it's an inflexible timetable," explained Tony.

When describing his time so far at Milroy Lodge, Tony expressed a lot of gratitude for the facilities and the support; all made possible thanks to community donations and support through fundraising initiatives like our Hope More Lottery.

"The accommodation physically is terrific - you feel comfortable here. But there's a more subtle dimension to it; of being in a supportive environment, of the staff, of all the other people that are living there - they have all got a problem similar to yours. The moral support from the environment you get is incredible."

Asked in dollar terms where he would be if he didn't have Milroy Lodge to stay at while he's in the city undergoing treatment, Tony said "I think the way it's been going, you'd be starting to look at selling your house to pay for your accommodation, or staying with friends, but you can't do that for a year, that doesn't work."

We accommodate over 4000 people just like Tony and Heather across our two facilities, Crawford and Milroy Lodge each year. None of it would be possible without community support through fundraising initiatives like our Hope More Lottery.

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Watch Tony's inspiring interview on Channel 10:

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