Exploring a Culture Centred Palliative Approach in Derby

Updated 25 Sep 2019.

Workshop participants with the Yiriman Women and Kimberley Palliative Care Team

The Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) recently facilitated an exciting Culture Centred Palliative Care Workshop with the Yiriman Women & Kimberley Palliative Care Team at Mowanjum Culture & Arts Centre in Derby on 5 and 6 August.

The aim of the workshop was to teach the local health professionals what is culturally important to local Aboriginal patients and their families when they are faced with a life-limiting illness.

The Yiriman women shared their beliefs, cultural knowledge and rituals that are important towards end of life for their community. The Kimberley palliative care team shared their expertise around working with Aboriginal clients in the remote Kimberley region, exploring different palliative care case studies, how to have advance care planning conversations and how to facilitate family meetings incorporating the Aboriginal interpreting services.

This two day workshop was a success, with great feedback from participants, saying that they learnt:

"How to be sensitive to approaching Aboriginal patients decisions on palliative care & complexities"

"The cultural differences involved in the modern approach to palliative care and the importance of catering for Aboriginal rituals and Lore at end of life"

"The process of holding a meeting with a patient & family to discuss their care, choices, wishes & requirement on their end of life journey with cultural sensitivity & awareness. The importance of knowing who the family contact person is to give & receive information"

"Gave me insight into the cultural practices (from the Yiriman women)"

"Very good workshop for all non-indigenous staff working in health with Aboriginal communities"

Yiriman Women and workshop participants

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