Four ways to stick to healthy eating at work

Updated 7 Feb 2019.

Given that we spend on average a third of our day at work, it's just as important to create healthy habits at work as it is at home.

When we consume healthy food and drinks at work it helps to maintain our energy levels and concentration, and is associated with better mental health and boosted immune function. Here are four tips from our Healthier Workplace WA team to help you keep it healthy at work:

1. Prioritise your meals!

Most of us have a general idea of our break times, when regular meetings are held and when deadlines are approaching. So just like with any other important work task, eating healthily should also be a priority! Set aside times where you can enjoy a healthy snack and make sure you take a lunch break away from other work influences.

2. Emergency stash

Keep healthy snacks stashed in your desk drawer or workplace fridge, and top your supply up when it's running low. If you're too rushed to eat breakfast or prepare your lunch, you'll still have some healthy options on hand. Easy snack options include trail mix or nuts, canned tuna, 100 percent nut butter, high fibre muesli bars and dried fruit.

3. Preparation is key

Bring your food from home. Whether you plan your meals on the weekend or the night before, pack your meals and snacks full of healthy and fresh ingredients. If you have access to kitchen facilities, store your ingredients at work so that you can create simple salads or meals at work.

If your workplace provides a supportive environment that encourages healthy eating, whether it's by providing great kitchen facilities, other resources or having healthy policies, encourage them to get recognised through our updated Recognised Healthy Workplace program!

4. Short-list healthy food outlets

As much as you try, bringing your lunch from home every single work day is a hard task! So do your research, investigate healthy options available nearby and create a go-to list for these occasions. This will ensure that when you do eat out, at least you're choosing the healthiest options.


Want to know more?

Cancer Council WA delivers the Healthier Workplace WA initiative which offers free services to all workplaces across Western Australia to help them implement a successful workplace health and wellbeing program that assists their workers to make positive lifestyle changes that benefit everyone. Visit the website for more information, tips and resources.


Get your workplace recognised

Healthier Workplace WA has just launched an updated Recognised Healthy Workplace program. The program aims to recognise workplaces in WA that are demonstrating leadership in the area of workplace health and wellbeing by providing:

  • Supportive health and wellbeing policies and procedures (in addition to standard Occupational Health and Safety guidelines)
  • Facilities and infrastructure that encourage healthy behaviours
  • Awareness raising sessions, and activities that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of staff.

If you think your workplace deserves to be recognised, apply online today or contact our Healthier Workplace WA team on for more information. 

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