How many kilojoules will you be drinking this festive season?

Updated 3 Dec 2019.

While we all know that alcohol can disturb our sleep, give us that groggy feeling the next day, and mess with our skin, many people are surprised to find out about the huge number of kilojoules that alcoholic drinks contain (not to mention the kJs from the not-so-healthy food the day after).

A ‘two cans of beer a night habit' over the year adds up to an astonishing 423,400kJ. That's enough to feed an adult for 49 days, or the potential for 11kg of weight gain!

To drink fewer kilojoules, cut back, choose lower alcohol options or avoid alcohol altogether.

Tips to cut back or skip drinking altogether:

  • Put up your hand to be the designated driver. Reduce your kilojoule hit and avoid the nasty headache the next day
  • Organise festive catch-ups that don't centre on alcohol. Head out for lunch or play bocce in the park with friends and family or plan a scavenger hunt for your work Christmas party
  • Try mocktails made with kombucha, fizzy water and fresh fruit
  • If you do choose to drink, set yourself a maximum number for the night
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones like sparkling or plain water
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