Hunting for a healthier Easter?

Posted 12 Apr 2019.


It's easy to over indulge at this time of year. To help, we put together our top tips for enjoying a healthier Easter, check them out below!

1. Get up and moving

Turn the Easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt! For older kids, a series of clues could lead to an Easter treat. For younger kids, a trail of bunny footprints is fun to follow. The hunt can include physical activity challenges like star jumps, bunny hopping to the fence or balancing on one leg to help keep everyone active. Remember that the treasure doesn't have to be chocolate! We've got plenty of ideas for sweet gifts below

2. Focus on an egg theme, rather than a chocolate theme

Paint or dye eggs, run egg-and-spoon races, try the egg toss game (outside!) or make delcious egg based treats for your family to enjoy!

3. Home-made chocolate treats

Choose a nutritious base, with a little flourish of chocolate - a little goes a long way! We've listed some ideas below to help you get started. 

  • Fruit dipped in chocolate (strawberries and banana slices are always a winner!)
  • Chocolate drizzled popcorn or roasted nuts
  • Banana muffins with some chocolate chips
  • Trail mix that includes some chocolate covered dried fruit or nuts
  • Homemade chocolate milk powder (milk powder + cocoa + cinnamon)

4. Non-chocolate Easter treat ideas

These can be used in a scavenger hunt or as gifts!

  • A family outing to the park, pool or rec centre
  • Pens, pencils, stickers and other stationery items
  • Temporary tattoos, toy cars or chicks, hair clips or balloons 
  • A bunch of the Easter bunny's favourite baby carrots, wrapped in a bow!


5. Add some colour to your weekend

Remember to add some colour to your feasts in the form of fruit and veg. LiveLighter have loads of recipes and heaps of tips to get more fruit and vegies into your day.

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