Introducing our Wellbeing after Cancer program

Posted 9 Oct 2019.

We are excited to launch our new, personalised survivorship program, Wellbeing after Cancer, to help the growing number of Western Australian cancer survivors adapt to their new life after treatment.

Our Wellbeing after Cancer program has been designed to introduce cancer survivors to practical information and guided discussion about adjusting to life following cancer treatment.

Our cancer survival rate in WA has gone from around 60 per cent in 1993 to more than 70 per cent in 2017.

While it is fantastic that more people are surviving cancer, the improved cancer survival rates present new challenges to support services as cancer survivors often face physical, psychological, financial and psychosocial challenges as a result of the disease and its treatment.

The Wellbeing after Cancer program looks at:

  • lifestyle development
  • physical activity
  • nutrition
  • emotional wellbeing
  • support services
  • sexual wellbeing
Like all of our cancer support services, this program is only available thanks to support from the WA community.

How to access our Wellbeing after Cancer program

The Wellbeing after Cancer program is available to any West Australian that has completed their cancer treatment.

Cancer survivors can choose their level of engagement in Wellbeing after Cancer, from navigating through the various topics on the webpage, through to participating in a series of one-on-one personalised lifestyle coaching phone-calls with a Cancer Nurse.

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