Karratha pharmacy helping in the fight against cancer

Updated 15 Jan 2019.

Tarquin White, Assistant Manager at Pharmacy 777 Karratha. 


We have recently teamed up with Karratha Pharmacy 777 to address smoking cessation and early cancer detection in the Pilbara.

Pharmacy 777 Karratha Assistant Store Manager Tarquin White says the partnership is an important focus for their team, given how vulnerable young people in the community can be to taking up smoking.

"We have a passion for smoking cessation as the majority of the population are young adults who we can make a generational difference in reducing the population of smokers in Karratha and the North West surroundings," Mr White said.

Make Smoking History ‘Quit Packs' are provided to customers in the pharmacy to support their smoking cessation plan.

Pharmacy 777 has also played an important role in spreading our ‘Find Cancer Early' regional program which urges people experiencing common symptoms to visit their GP or health worker without delay.

"We also have a large Indigenous population and have been providing and displaying Find Cancer Early material which will help us to explain any warning symptoms, to see their Doctor and get screened and investigated as soon as possible," Mr White said.

"We want to give our customers exceptional health advice to allow the best possible health outcomes and this is why we support Cancer Council in all its programs and initiatives."

Our Pilbara Regional Education Officer Anne Johnston says working with local community groups and organisations such as Pharmacy 777 are critical for reducing cancer risk in vulnerable communities.

"Pharmacy 777 has previously partnered with Cancer Council in support of their ‘Breast Aware' campaign," Ms Johnston said.

"The campaign delivered an important public health message encouraging West Australian women to be self-aware and check themselves regularly using an innovative ‘5 signs guide' that can be hung in the shower."

For more information about Find Cancer Early visit the website at www.findcancerearly.com.au

Click here for more information about reducing your overall cancer risk.


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