New podcast for people affected by advanced cancer

Posted 31 Jul 2019.

What exactly is advanced cancer? What does a diagnosis mean for you and your family? What hope do new cancer treatments offer? And where can you turn for support?

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with advanced cancer, you might be searching for the answers to these and other questions.

Cancer Council NSW has developed a new podcast series specifically for people affected by advanced cancer to help them navigate this challenging time.

Called The Thing About Advanced Cancer, the new series includes content for people living long term with advanced cancer, as well as for those who may have a much poorer prognosis. There will also be episodes specifically for people caring for someone with advanced cancer.

Former ABC journalist, Julie McCrossin hosts the series as she chats to experts to answer the big questions. The series is highly recommended and very informative.


Ten episodes are being released progressively from Tuesday 23 July, and include:

  • What does advanced cancer mean?
  • Treatment options for advanced cancer
  • Caring for someone with advanced cancer
  • Living well with advanced cancer
  • Living with dying
  • Caring for someone in their last months
  • The role of hope and purpose in advanced cancer
  • Managing pain when cancer is advanced
  • Preventing delirium when cancer is advanced
  • Managing breathlessness when cancer is advanced

You can stream or download The Thing About Advanced Cancer from any podcast app.

Or visit our Podcasts and Webinars page for more information.

Other podcasts

If you're affected by an early cancer diagnosis, The Thing About Cancer is another podcast series with information and insights for you.

There are 18 episodes covering a wide range of topics and aims to answer common questions such as;

  • How do people cope after a cancer diagnosis? 
  • What do all the tests mean? 
  • Will treatment leave you foggy-headed? 
  • Does cancer always cause pain?

You can stream or download The Thing About Cancer from any podcast app. 

Visit our Podcasts and Webinars page for more information.

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