Patrick urges others to get checked

Posted 6 Mar 2019.

Patrick and wife Trish, who urged him to see a doctor.

"Most guys hesitate and I did to start with. It was my wife who said "go and see the doctor" and it's lucky that I did."

Kalgoorlie mining process supervisor, Patrick was willing to put up with a sore right lung for a time before his wife urged him to get it checked out.

His local GP sent him for some x-rays and a CT scan before sending him to Perth for a PET scan.

As a former smoker of 35 years, Patrick had given up smoking just three and a half weeks before he was formally diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2018.

He undertook three rounds of chemotherapy in Perth before commencing radiation therapy and further chemotherapy.

Patrick was able to stay at Crawford Lodge, Cancer Council WA's home away from home for regional cancer patients, while he underwent his treatment 600km from Kalgoorlie.

Patrick's philosophy to his ongoing treatment is to just take it day by day.

"I'm a firm believer that if you keep thinking positive things will work out for you."

In February 2019, he was relieved to be able to return to work.

After his experience, Patrick is urging others to make sure they head to their local doctor or health worker if they notice anything out of the ordinary.

"If you need to drive 600kms - it's a six hour drive but it's a six hour drive that could potentially save your life."

"If you notice a change in your body go and see your doctor straight away, don't hesitate."

Through our Find Cancer Early campaign, we are urging all West Australians to learn the 10 most common early symptoms of cancer and to make sure they go and see their local health worker or doctor if they notice any of these symptoms.

Visit the Find Cancer Early website for more information.


Our 10 symptoms checklist

Check out our checklist below and ask yourself - have you, or anyone you love, had any of these? If you have and you're over 40, tell your doctor, clinic nurse or health worker straight away.   




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