Q&A with Dr Joost Lesterhuis

Updated 29 Jul 2019.


Dr Lesterhuis will be presenting our upcoming free cancer update lecture - ‘Mesothelioma: new developments in the lab and the clinic' on August 19. We spoke with him about what his lecture will cover and what you can expect to learn from attending, below.


CCWA: What will your lecture cover?

Dr Lesterhuis: The history of asbestos in WA and its link to mesothelioma. What mesothelioma is and how it's currently treated. What is happening in terms of research in the laboratory and in clinical trials.


CCWA: What can people expect to learn from your lecture?

Dr Lesterhuis: How mesothelioma arises, what symptoms it causes, how it's treated and what is currently being done in terms of research in the lab and the clinic. And how findings from this research can be applied to other cancers.

Cancer Update Lecture Details
Date: Monday 19 August 2019

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Venue: The State Library Theatre, Alexander Library Building Francis St, Perth

Cost: FREE

All welcome!



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