Seven healthy fundraiser ideas

Posted 4 Jul 2019.

Often when we think of fundraisers, we think of chocolate bars or bakes sales with sugary baked treats, pastries and big bowls of potato chips.

But did you know even small lifestyle changes such as eating healthy can reduce your risk of developing cancer, along with other chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes?

That's why our Healthier Workplace WA team have put together some ideas to help give your fundraiser a healthy spin!

Whether you're fundraising at the office, at home, at school or in your community, here are seven ways to fundraise with your health in mind.

1. Soup Kitchen

Grab a mug and line up! Offer up a few pots of soup specialities for lunch (here are some healthy recipes) and share the soupy goodness; charge per mug and serve with a crunchy wholemeal or multigrain roll. Summer alternatives to a soup kitchen could be a Salad or Smoothie Club. Find some healthy recipe ideas to accommodate the theme on the LiveLighter website.

2. Healthier Morning Teas

One of the best ways to raise funds is through a morning tea, but they don't have to mean sugary, fatty treats! Look at ways to make your morning tea healthier and swap out traditional items while still keeping them delicious. For morning teas at work, check out these Catering Guidelines which highlight those healthier alternatives. Or try out some LiveLighter options such as; blueberry & banana bread, yoghurt and muesli cups, and frittata - which all sound pretty great!

3. Healthier BBQs

BBQs are a Friday favourite, particularly in the summer months! Whether it's for breakfast, lunch or an after-work social fundraiser, the sausage or bacon sizzle always turns up. Take a look at some healthy additions such as grilled vegetables and side salads, as well as swapping some of those higher fat options for leaner meats, having wholemeal or wholegrain bread options and reducing/removing sugary drinks and swapping them for still and sparkling water. Check out our ultimate bbq spread article for inspiration. Further guidance on healthier BBQs and other healthier fundraiser suggestions can be found in Healthier Fundraising: A Guide.

In today's society, we tend to involve food with almost everything so why not take look at a non-food fundraiser? Here are some of our favourites:

4. Plants! Plants! Plants!

It's the number one décor item on every home's hit list at the moment. Whether it's a fiddle leaf, succulents, fruit trees or some sweet smelling herbs, often or not it will gain people's interest. Instead of selling baked goods take a visit to the local nursery or look up your local plant suppliers and put on a plant sale.

5. Raffles

Ditch the meat raffle or big basket of Easter eggs and pick a prize that promotes a healthier lifestyle; maybe some workout gear and equipment, Fitbit/Garmins, wireless headphones, a cooking class or equipment or sporting game admissions... just to name a few! Check out some more great gifts and reward ideas.

6. Book Swaps

Who doesn't have books sitting at home gathering dust? Host a book swap event- ask everyone to bring in their pre-loved books and then ask for a gold coin donation for every book swapped. It's a fun way to find out a little more about your colleagues,family or friends, which may help build social connections.

7. Quiz Nights

A great excuse to re-watch the whole series of Friends or put on your favourite 80's outfit! Whatever the theme may be, get the crew together for a day or evening of fun. Why not chuck in a game of lawn bowls to keep everyone moving and the competition rolling.

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