Simmone's story

Posted 3 Dec 2019.

Our Marketing & Communications Manager Simmone, with her beloved mum, Margaret (left)

At Cancer Council WA, we are passionate about achieving our vision of a cancer free future and like our incredible supporters, we strive to make a difference and reduce the impact and incidence of cancer in WA.

Most of us have our own stories for working at Cancer Council WA and this Christmas, our Marketing & Communications Manager, Simmone has shared hers.

"What I would give to have another Christmas with Mum. Hear her break out into a Christmas carol or taste her delicious trifle. She brought so much joy into the lives of those that were lucky enough to know her. And she gave me and my sisters the best bear hugs.


Mum was my best friend. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 52-years-old, my whole world stopped.

From the day we found out about her diagnosis, we had just two more years with Mum. She passed away at home on 9 May 2006. Thirteen years on, and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

This Christmas I'll be making a donation to cancer research in memory of my Mum. Will you join me and donate today?

Despite being thrown the worst odds, Mum never lost her sense of humour. Telling jokes to doctors and nurses right to the end. Wearing her wig backwards, singing and dancing pretending to be one of The Beatles. Requesting a white hearse at her funeral and lots of colour.

Mum lived for her family - she reminded us often that the best thing she ever did, was have us three girls.

Eighteen months after losing Mum, I applied for a job at Cancer Council WA. I wanted to make a real difference to those affected by cancer and didn't want others to go through what I had.

I just celebrated my eleventh year working at Cancer Council WA.

In eleven years, I have seen some major advances in research, but we've still got so much more work to do.

Your gift today will help fund vital research to keep families together at Christmas, giving them more time to make their own precious memories.

On Christmas Day, we'll light a candle to remember my Mum, to keep her memory burning bright. We'll place it at the table where she would have sat. And I'll sit with my son, daughter and two nephews, the grandchildren my Mum never got to meet, and share stories about Nanny Margaret.

This Christmas, I'll be making a donation to cancer research in memory of my Mum - in the hope that no other family has to go through what I went through.

Please join me and donate today.

Merry Christmas - or if you don't celebrate, happy holidays!"

Written by Simmone Sharp, Cancer Council WA Marketing and Communications Manager

You can make a donation to our Christmas appeal today and help fund the research breakthroughs needed to keep families together for longer.

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