Vale Barrie Thomsett

Updated 5 Sep 2019.

Barrie pictured at our National Volunteer Week celebrations in 2015

Last month, we were very saddened to learn of the passing of our dear friend and long term volunteer Barrie Thomsett.

Barrie was a wonderful supporter, volunteer and friend to many within Cancer Council WA, so we wanted to share a little of his story and his passion for helping others.

Barrie lost the love of his life, Fay, to liver cancer in 1989. They were married for 22 wonderful years, travelled across Australia and enjoyed life together.

After Fay passed away, Barrie came to our old Cancer Council WA office in West Perth, to make a donation in her memory. For him, everything fell into place that day and he decided to volunteer with us. He volunteered across various teams and projects for over 15 years.

He was always willing to lend a hand to any task. In his later years, he was often in pain but still turned up every Thursday to help out in our office.

To him, it was about making a difference and the companionship.

In an interview in 2013, Barrie was asked how he felt about volunteering for Cancer Council WA. He said he felt immense pride.

"I know I am doing something useful. I don't have a lot of money or finances and I can't afford to give thousands of dollars, but I can give my time. I can give that... so I do."

"You have to remember that no matter how much is collected in the matter of funds - whether it is $1 or $100 it doesn't matter - we all have time in our lives to fit in helping.

"People out there in the community appreciate what we are doing. They know that it may be their family, their children, their grandchildren that could be impacted next and we are going about helping people the best way we can."

On behalf of the entire Cancer Council WA team, our thoughts go out to Barrie's family and friends. He will be missed by many.

Rest in peace Barrie.

Fay and Barrie Thomsett.

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