You Only Die Once

Posted 4 Sep 2019.

Death is an important part of life. So like any other significant life event, it's well worth your consideration and a little forward planning.

This process is called advance care planning.

Our colleagues at Palliative Care WA are currently running a new campaign called You Only Die Once which aims to challenge people to see death as an important part of life and encourage them to start the conversation and develop an advance care plan.

Find out more about the campaign at

What exactly is advance care planning?

Advance care planning is the process of discussing and documenting your future health care wishes, values and priorities. It enables your family, friends, carers and health professionals to understand what you want, should you become so unwell that you are unable to speak for yourself.

Part of advance care planning involves having conversations with your loved ones and making your wishes known... sooner rather than later.

Why should I have an advance care plan?

An advance care plan helps you ensure your wishes are known and followed if you are unable to speak for yourself, and makes things less stressful for your loved ones as your wishes are documented. 

It's likely you agree and believe that documenting your wishes is important. But have you actually done it? The best time to start is now!

Where should I start with advance care planning?

Before you start any conversations with family, friends or your health professionals, Palliative Care WA recommend you gather your thoughts on things like

  • What kind of care would you prefer or find unacceptable?
  • Would you want to be revived if your heart or breathing stops?
  • Where would you prefer to be cared for?
  • Is there anything special you would want to have with you?

There are some great tips on how to identify the things most important to you on the Dying to Talk website

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