You Quit You Win

Updated 9 Oct 2019.

You Quit You Win

Our Make Smoking History team's latest campaign - You Quit You Win, focuses on ‘all the crap' that goes with smoking.

Developed by the Cancer Institute NSW in partnership with Quit Victoria, the campaign was informed by smokers themselves and what they hate most about smoking. From the constant coughing and feeling short of breath, to having to hide their habit from loved ones, the constant feeling of being judged and of course, the financial expense.

Using emotive imagery and told from a smoker's perspective, the campaign hopes to illustrate the benefits that can be gained from butting out, including finding love.The You Quit, You Win campaign will be running on channels across the state until 30 November 2019.

Watch the You Quit, You Win television advertisement below:


You Quit, You Win

Recent data from RSVP revealed that only 1 in 22 people on the dating site in Australia are now willing to date a smoker.

The recent 12.5 per cent increase in the price of cigarettes also adds to any motivation a smoker may have to quit.

It's reported a pack-a-day smoker is now spending more than $260 a week on cigarettes, equating to almost $13,600 a year. Historical analyses of previous tobacco tax increases show that approximately 220 smokers per day will quit as a result of the tax increases planned between 2016- 2020.

So not only will you find more cash in your bank account if you quit, but you could also find love.

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If you would like more information about the Make Smoking History campaign, please contact us on (08) 9388 4370 or email

The Make Smoking History Campaign is an initiative of Cancer Council WA and is funded by the Department of Health WA, Healthway and Cancer Council WA.

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