Are you ready for the Fruit&Veg September Challenge?

Posted 28 Aug 2020.

Fruit&Veg September Challenge

Want to eat more fruit and vegetables but don't know where to start? Our LiveLighter Team has got just the thing!

To help celebrate Fruit&Veg September this year, our LiveLighter Team has created a handy downloadable challenge card.

It's got 12 fruit and vegetable challenges spread out over the month plus plenty of tips and fun facts to check out between challenge days. You can click the boxes to access additional information, resources and recipes.

If you really want to ‘go bananas', they've even created a tally chart on the back where you can keep track of your daily fruit and vegetable serves. You should aim for two serves of fruit, and five serves of vegetables each day!

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Fruit&Veg September Challenge


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