Call the Quitline in 2020

Updated 17 Jan 2020.

Call the Quitline in 2020

Cancer Council WA has launched a new digital campaign to encourage WA smokers who are planning to quit in 2020 to make sure they include the free support from Quitline 13 7848 as part of their quit attempt.

Make Smoking History Senior Policy and Research Coordinator, Fiona Phillips, said the new campaign was based on a Victorian TV advertisement developed as a result of exploratory research(1)  to understand common myths and misunderstandings that acted as barriers to people making a call to Quitline.

"Many people are of the misconception that the Quitline is the ‘Quit Police'," Ms Phillips said.

"Quitline counsellors are trained professionals, real people, who can offer tailored, real-world quitting advice and strategies.

"We want more people to recognise that Quitline can be their personal support system along their quitting journey.

"Quitline counsellors have helped thousands of people successfully quit, so whether you are still thinking about it, are struggling with cravings or have already tried quitting a few times, friendly help and support is available."

Ms Phillips said it was never too late to quit.

"Smoking remains one of the largest causes of preventable deaths in Western Australia," she said.

"Each year more than 1800 adult smokers die from smoking related diseases in WA.

"Even if you've smoked for a long time, you can dramatically reduce your cancer risk by stopping now.

"Ten years after quitting, your chance of getting lung cancer can drop by as much as half what it would have been if you kept smoking. Never give up giving up."

Make Smoking History will run the social media campaign throughout January to encourage people to contact the Quitline before or during a quit attempt.

To access support through a quit attempt:

  • Contact the Quitline:
         -   Call the Quitline on 13 7848,
         -   Chat online at or
         -   Request a call back by texting 0477 765 007
  • Download MyQuitBuddy app
  • Visit
  • Seek advice and support from your GP, Aboriginal Health Worker or pharmacist
  • Visit

Make Smoking History is an initiative of Cancer Council WA and proudly supported by the Department of Health WA and Healthway.

(1) Quit Victoria Positive Campaign Development: Report of qualitative research with smokers. Prepared for Cancer Council Victoria. January 2019.

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*Current smoking rates in Western Australia (Figures include those who smoke daily or occasionally)

Current smoking among those over
18 years in WA (2017), by
geographical location

  • Metropolitan - 10.8%
  • Regional - 17%

    Total 12.1%



Epidemiology Branch,
2018, Prevalence of Current and
Daily Smokers, 18 years and over,
2002-2017, HWSS, WA
Department of Health: Perth.


Current smoking among those over 
16 years in regional WA,
WA Country Health Service area            

  •  Kimberley - 18%
  • Pilbara - 16.8%
  • Midwest - 15.8%
  • Goldfields - 14.9%
  • Wheatbelt - 13.8%
  • Great Southern - 13.2%
  • South West - 13%                 


WACHS Regional Health Profiles, 2018


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