Cancer Council WA thrilled with alcohol labelling decision

Updated 6 Aug 2020.

Cancer Council WA thrilled with alcohol labelling decision

Cancer Council WA has welcomed the Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation decision to introduce a red, black and white warning label on alcohol products about the harms from alcohol use during pregnancy.

Cancer Council WA Alcohol Program Manager, Julia Stafford, said the decision sends a clear message to the community about the health harms from alcohol use, including during pregnancy.

"We are pleased that our Food Ministers have put the health and wellbeing of our children first, before alcohol industry interests, by voting for an effective and clear health pregnancy warning label on alcohol products," Ms Stafford said.

"The red, black and white warning indicates clear harm to the community from alcohol.

"Despite intense lobbying by the alcohol industry to water down the warning label, the Ministers have followed the evidence-based advice and adopted an effective label. We commend the Ministers that recognised that the community has a right to know about the harms alcohol can cause.

"This result owes a lot to the WA Health Minister, the Hon Roger Cook MLA, for his leadership on the issue and commitment to achieving the best outcome for WA children."

Ms Stafford said the design put forward by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) was evidence-based, consumer-tested and went through extensive consultation with health groups and industry.

"The warning labels will play an important role in raising awareness of the risks associated with alcohol use and preventing the devastating and lifelong harm to unborn babies," she said.

"At the end of the day, alcohol is a dangerous product, and if you sell a harmful product, then it needs to be labelled as such."

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