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Ditch the box of choccies and try homemade treats

Posted 30 Nov 2020.

Don't panic. But it's nearly Christmas. Instead of stocking up on wine or boxes of chocolates to take to your host, why not try something a little different this year?

We love the idea of giving something homemade, and these are tasty, affordable and look very cute in little jars (ribbons and handmade cards optional!).

Hot tip: Start keeping your jars now, or buy them new from supermarkets, variety stores, discount shops or homewares stores.

Jars of healthy treats

Jar of healthy treats

There's loads of healthy treats that you can whip up in no time:

Potted herbs

Potted herbs

You can get potted herbs at hardware stores, garden stores and even at the supermarket! Basil and mint are hardy and happy to spend their life in a pot on the windowsill. Other herbs like coriander and dill might need to be planted into the ground and are a bit higher maintenance. They all look and smell lovely!

Spice mixes

Spice mixes

Mix up your favourite spices in a jar or refillable grinder if you're going with whole spices. Some of our favourite blends include:


  • 2 parts smoky paprika
  • 1 part cumin
  • 1 part coriander
  • ½ part dried oregano


  • 2 parts cumin
  • 1 part coriander
  • 1 part paprika
  • ½ part cinnamon


  • 2 parts coriander
  • 1 part cumin
  • ½ part turmeric
  • ½ part garam masala

Homemade dukkah

Homemade dukkah

Dukkah is a Middle Eastern dish that blends together nuts, seeds and spices. It is traditionally served with bread and olive oil, with the bread first dipped in the olive oil and then into the dukkah. There are lots of different recipes out there, here are a few you could try!

Spiced nuts

Spiced nuts

There are a couple of ways you can go with these. The easiest is to get a big pan or wok, dry fry your spices until they smell amazing, and then add your nuts and seeds to the wok and stir for 5-10 minutes. Easy!

For something a little more involved, get a big bowl and whisk up an egg white until it's nice and foamy, then add 3 tablespoons of sugar, and your spices. Add the nuts and seeds and mix well to coat. Spread them out on a baking tray and bake for 10-15 minutes on 150°C. Take them out, break them up and turn the oven down to 125°C and bake for another 5-10 minutes. Watch them closely here, you don't want them to burn!

Once the nuts are done, let them cool completely, then pop in an airtight container. They should be good for a couple of weeks.

Adapted with permission from LiveLighter. LiveLighter® State of Western Australia 2020. This article was originally published on LiveLighter.com.au.

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