Eight easy meals you can make with pantry staples

Posted 1 Apr 2020.

pantry staples

Our LiveLighter team have pulled together their best and most versatile recipes made from (mostly) pantry and freezer staples to keep your tummy filled and your body healthy.

They've also shared ideas for simple swaps to help you use the food you have on hand and avoid an extra trip to the shops. 


1. Homestyle baked beans

homestyle baked beans

Regular ol' tinned baked beans can be high in salt, so we love this easy homemade version.

Savvy swaps: Swap fresh parsley for dried herbs. If you're out of tinned beans reach for a cup of dried beans that have been soaked and cooked instead.

2. Choc berry chia pudding

choc berry chia pudding

This versatile chia pudding looks good and tastes even better.

Savvy swaps: Use your favourite long-life milk and frozen berries in place of fresh.

3. Bush damper

bush damper

Out of bread? No worries!

Savvy swaps: Make a batch of this super easy damper in the morning and enjoy the smell of freshly baked bread floating through the house all day.


Lunch and Dinner

4. Baked tomato rice

baked tomato rice

With a prep time of only five minutes, you'll be kicking yourself that you didn't discover this wholesome family dinner sooner.

Savvy swaps: Tinned peas can be used instead of frozen, and add a sprinkle of cheese or sweet chilli sauce to switch up the flavour.

5. Pantry pasta

pantry pasta

This fast vegie spaghetti is on high rotation at our house! The sauce is also great on toast or baked potatoes.

Savvy swaps: If your stocks of fresh vegies are running low, skip the fresh carrot and zucchini and add frozen vegetables instead. You can also add mince if you've got it and want a vegie packed Bolognese-style sauce.

6. Prawn jambalaya

prawn jambalaya

A delicious Creole seafood and rice dish that tastes fancier than it is.

Savvy swaps: Swap celery and capsicum with frozen peas and corn. Frozen prawns, mussels, squid or fish all work a treat.



7. Pizza scrolls

pizza scrolls

This simple scone dough is fun to make and you can get creative with your toppings.

Savvy swaps: Use long-life milk and cheese from the freezer. Salsa, pizza sauce, tinned mushrooms, tinned pineapple and olives are some of our favourite toppings.

8. Apple pudding with cinnamon custard

apple pudding

An easy apple-filled pudding with a fruity crust and spiced cinnamon custard.

Savvy swaps: Use long-life milk (or UHT custard). Hot cross buns would also be a good swap for fruit bread. Both keep well in the freezer!


More information

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