Find Cancer Early in regional WA

Posted 5 Feb 2020.

Cancer Council WA's Regional Education Coordinator, Hannah Cauchi recently spoke with Matt Michael on the Life of Mine podcast, highlighting the importance of cancer symptom awareness and what to do if you notice an unusual change in your body.

Hannah and Matt discussed our Find Cancer Early program which is targeted specifically at people living in regional Western Australia. They also discussed stories and advice from our valued Find Cancer Early champions - everyday regional WA cancer survivors and patients who have shared their experiences to help others.

Other topics covered include when to participate in cancer screening, reducing your exposure to occupational carcinogens and general healthy lifestyle information.

Listen to the podcast here.

Life of mine podcast with Hannah Cauchi and Matt Michael

More about the Find Cancer Early Program

Did you know people living in regional Australia have poorer cancer outcomes than people living in metropolitan areas? Survival outcomes for regional Australians are 20-30 per cent worse than Australians living in a metropolitan area.

The Find Cancer Early program was created by Cancer Council WA to improve cancer outcomes for regional Western Australians by increasing cancer symptom awareness and encouraging people to visit their doctor, clinic nurse or Aboriginal health worker earlier.

We know that people are more likely to survive cancer if it's found early. We also believe your postcode should not define your cancer outcome.

Explore the Find Cancer Early website to discover important information to help you identify potential early symptoms of bowel, breast, lung, prostate and skin cancer early, and learn what you need to do if you notice a symptom.

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