Green thumbs for everyone

Posted 5 Aug 2020.

Green thumbs for everyone

During this uncertain time, we've seen a renewed interest around the world in growing and making food at home.

There was a time when growing your own vegies was the norm: every bit of available land was planted with staples to help keep the family fed. Only the very wealthy could afford to have ornamental gardens, and lawns were an extravagance.

Over the years the home vegie patch has lost its popularity. This is because of changing tastes and expectations, changes in the way we work and spend our leisure time, access to cheap produce from markets and supermarkets, and changes to houses and properties.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Food security was no longer guaranteed, panic buying left many supermarket shelves bare and prices began to skyrocket. People spending more time at home were looking for creative ways to spend their time. Alongside baking, home gardening has taken on a new appeal. It isn't hard to see why!

Benefits of growing your food

  • Delicious food at your door (with the bonus of knowing how it was grown).
  • Saving money: new research from the University of South Australia has shown that (not counting garden setup costs) 79 per cent of people who established vegetable gardens were estimated to have saved over $250 on their annual grocery bill.
  • Good for mental health: gardening has been shown to reduce stress and promote mindfulness, is creative and productive, and gives a sense of achievement.
  • Good for the environment: zero food miles, no plastic packaging and a reduction in landfill if you compost your food scraps.
  • Improving kids' eating habits: children who participate in growing and cooking food are better at trying new things and eating more vegies.

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