Joanna finds her strength again

Posted 4 Mar 2020.


"Life Now hasn't just helped me, but so many other people too. It helps you take the focus off your cancer and allows you to regain your strength both physically and mentally."

Before her diagnosis, Joanna had no idea that anything was wrong. It was from a routine mammogram that her doctor discovered that she had stage 2 breast cancer.

Joanna underwent multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation over a seven month period. During that time, she noticed a significant loss of muscle in her legs and knew she had to do something to get her strength back.

After hearing about the services and programs provided by Cancer Council WA, Joanna contacted us on 13 11 20 and asked to join the Life Now program. With the help of this program, the 58-year-old was able to get back on track after her treatment and saw significant improvements in both her physical and mental wellbeing.

"I started the Life Now program after I finished treatment. It's absolutely brilliant and it's completely free."

The Life Now program provided Joanna with a variety of courses that helped her to re-focus on living her life, including the exercise course, yoga and mindfulness. 

"The exercise course was amazing! They create a program specific to your individual needs and capabilities. After 12 weeks I had gained all the strength back in my legs and felt strong again."

"I also undertook yoga, which allowed me to strengthen my arms and it gave me more movement."

"The mindfulness program taught me so much. It helped me with my anxiety leading up to my appointments and check-ups - it helped me to remain calm, positive and look at life in a different way."

In addition to the physical and mental benefits, Joanna was also able to find a strong community that supported her throughout her journey to recovery.

"There is a sense of comradery between everyone who goes to these sessions.

"Even the people who run these programs are incredible - the facilitators are all experts in their field. They remind you that you're stronger than you know and that you can do it."

"I've made so many friends through the Life Now program - I've met so many people who are going through the same journey. They have all seen such amazing results from this program too."

Joanna says her life-changing experience would not have been possible without the help of donations.

"There's evidence that supports why these services are offered and the benefits they have, so they are so important to help people get back on track."

"Please donate or help fundraise in any way you can. If you could only see the impact these courses have on people affected by cancer or their carers - you'd be blown away."

You can help others like Joanna find their strength again by raising funds for Cancer Council WA through the HBF Run for a Reason.

More information

  • Thanks to community donations, Cancer Counil WA is able to offer Life Now exercise, meditation, tai chi, yoga and mindfulness courses to cancer patients and their carers across the state.
  • We are currently accepting applications for our Term 2 2020 courses in Mindful Art, Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Yoga
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  • Support Cancer Council WA and people like Joanna, by registering and raising funds through the HBF Run for a Reason

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