Life after cancer treatment - setting new priorities

Posted 5 Feb 2020.

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Have you or someone you love recently completed cancer treatment? Are you looking for support, advice or even just information on what's next?

The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on your priorities and our Wellbeing after Cancer program is here to help you set achievable goals that will help you adjust to your ‘new normal'.

Wellbeing after Cancer offers support to people for the time after their cancer treatment has finished. This may include complete recovery from cancer, or perhaps now living with cancer.

A Registered Nurse who is specialised in the Wellbeing after Cancer program will assist you to identify your specific needs and support you to achieve them through a series of coaching phone calls and useful tools, including developing an individualised wellbeing care plan.

Wellbeing after Cancer will:

  • provide healthy lifestyle recommendations and resources including physical activity and nutrition guidance tailored to your requirements;
  • link you to a range of practical and emotional support services; and,
  • suggest links to groups and other services in the community to support you further as you adapt to your ‘new normal'

Since launching in October 2019, our Wellbeing after Cancer program has already been providing practical help and support to people across the state.

"The program was tailored to me as an individual. It was good to be able to ask questions and rationalise any fears."

(Single Father of two, Perth)

"This has given me the impetus to make healthy changes. I have really enjoyed the support."

(Farmer's partner, Wheatbelt WA)

"Personally I have learnt a great deal about self-control and have benefited from having more in-depth knowledge especially healthy living and introducing healthy eating practices."

(Wife, Mum of three, Coastal Pilbara)

Where to start

Anyone who has recently completed cancer treatment, particularly people in regional areas, is invited and encouraged to access our Wellbeing after Cancer program.

Simply request a Wellbeing after Cancer callback from our qualified Nurses and they will be in touch. 

To find out more or to explore our resources and information on your own, please visit our Wellbeing after Cancer page.

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