Planning a healthy workplace program

Posted 1 Apr 2020.


Australians spend about one-third of their lives at work, which makes the workplace an ideal setting to address and improve an individual's health and wellbeing.

As many workplaces have transitioned to working from home, now is a great time to start planning a successful and sustainable workplace health and wellbeing program for when we transition back into our regular place of work.

For some great tips on maintaining your health and wellbeing while working from home, check out this blog from our Healthier Workplace WA team.

Why is workplace health and wellbeing so important?

A healthy worker is likely to be more productive, engaged in their work, take less sick leave and have greater levels of energy and concentration. Research also shows that healthy workers are safer workers.

Health is closely linked to happiness, so by improving the health of your workers, they are more likely to lead happier lives and make your workplace a nicer place to work.

Feedback tells us that getting management on board is a common challenge for workplaces.

Getting management support for your health and wellbeing program is important for a few reasons:

  • Senior managers can commit resources (time and money) to the program,
  • Managers becoming involved with the program can encourage employees to join in, and
  • Evidence suggests that the most successful programs are those that have widespread support and leadership from the CEO or senior management team

In a world with competing business priorities, how can you get management buy-in and get them to invest in arguably their most important resource: their people? Find out with our Healthier Workplace WA team's upcoming webinar.

Healthier Workplace WA FREE Webinar Details:

"Workplace health starts at the top: how to capture senior management support"

Learn about practical strategies for initiating, obtaining and sustaining management support for your wellness program.

More information

Cancer Council WA delivers the Healthier Workplace WA program which offers free services to all workplaces across Western Australia to help them implement a successful workplace health and wellbeing program that assists their workers to make positive lifestyle changes that benefit everyone.

Visit the Healthier Workplace WA website for more information, tips and resources.

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