"Whisper No More" Workshop - a time to yarn about Cancer & Palliative Care in Geraldton

Updated 27 Mar 2020.

Whisper no more workshop group photo

Workshop presenters & participants

PaSCE & PEPA have been collaborating with the WA Centre for Rural Health to deliver a pilot workshop in Geraldton called "Whisper No More".

This two-day workshop delivered in February was designed for health professionals working with Aboriginal clients and their families who face a cancer diagnosis or palliative care.

The workshop incorporated the "whisper no more resource", which is a learning package that contains stories from Aboriginal people about their experiences of cancer. Understanding more about Aboriginal people's views of cancer and experiences of health care is essential to developing better cancer care and health outcomes for their community.

During day one, we focused on cultural humility and exploring cultural awareness, followed by the importance of encouraging screening within your Aboriginal community, delayed cancer diagnosis, and local cancer services available in the region to help support Aboriginal clients. On day two, we focused on Palliative Care and exploring end-of-life issues for Aboriginal clients as health care professionals, how to clinically yarn and engage with your patients, the importance of advance care yarning and making plans, followed by group discussions around different case studies.

The two-day workshop was a success, with participants thoroughly enjoying hearing from a variety of presenters who specialise in the field.

We would like to acknowledge and thank all involved: Lenny Papertalk, Wanda Flanagan , Charmaine Greene, Dr Sandy Thompson, Ivan Lin from WACRH, Lindsey Richmond (Midwest Cancer Nurse), Grace Buchanan (PaSCE Manager), Robyn Ellis (Midwest Palliative Care Coordinator), Cathy English (PaSCE Project Officer) and Brooke Gallery (PEPA Coordinator).

See below feedback and comments from participants about what they learned:

"The lived experiences and videos showed the challenges Aboriginal people face in accessing health care which is very relevant to the region and my role."

"Cultural diversity is so important to be aware of within our working environment"

"The various intricacies involved & barriers in delivering effective health service to the rural Aboriginal community"

"Learnt ways to communicate with Aboriginal people and their families around advance care planning and the important role this can play in reducing family conflict."

"Knowing and understanding different life aspects of Aboriginal people and how important these aspects are to them."

"Good opportunity to come together with other people working in the area to learn from their experience and hear about what they are doing"

Whisper no more workshop

L - R: Lindsey Richmond (Midwest Cancer Nurse), Cathy English (PaSCE Project Officer), Lenny Papertalk (WACRH), Grace Buchanan (PaSCE Manager), Brooke Gallery (PEPA Coordinator), Dr Sandy Thompson (WACRH), Wanda Flanagan (WACRH), Charmaine Greene (WACRH)

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