Addiction, death, and deceit: How the tobacco industry continues to trade public health for profit

Updated 31 Aug 2021.

Cancer Chatters: Online Education Series.

Cancer Chatters is a new online education series for the general public and health professionals with an interest in learning more about cancer topics and developments in cancer research.

Each webinar will be hosted by an expert guest speaker and will provide participants with the opportunity to learn relevant evidence-based information and to ask questions at the end.

Associate Professor Becky Freeman will be hosting our next Cancer Chatters lecture 'Addiction, death, and deceit: How the tobacco industry continues to trade public health for profit' on Monday 13 September 2021.

Associate Professor Becky Freeman will discuss:

  • The history of the tobacco industry.
  • What the tobacco industry looks like today.
  • Tobacco industry ploys including e-cigarettes and front groups.

Community members, health professionals, and anyone with an interest in the tobacco industry are invited to attend this Cancer Chatters webinar, which will be delivered online via Zoom.


Cancer Chatters lecture details

Date: Monday 13 September 2021

Time: 12pm to12.30pm

Cost: Free

Venue: This is an online education webinar via Zoom. You will be emailed a link to joining prior to the event.


About the speaker

Associate Professor Becky Freeman is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney, and her research interests include tobacco control, food advertising, and how online and social media influence public health. She is an expert adviser to the WHO on strengthening tobacco advertising bans in the age of digital online media. Exposing how commercial determinants negatively impact public health and stall effective policy advances is a common theme in her work. You can find her on Twitter at @DrBFreeman



For more information

To learn more about Cancer Chatters, please email

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