Cancer Council WA to invest in local prostate cancer research

Posted 7 Apr 2021.

Cancer Council WA to invest in local prostate cancer research

Pictured above: Professor Daniel Galvão.

WA cancer researchers will begin a recruitment process this month for men in the metro area with prostate cancer, in a bid to trial a new strategy to combat weight gain following prostate cancer treatment. This research is possible through the generous provision of a gift in a Will to Cancer Council WA.

Professor Daniel Galvão, Professor of Exercise Science and Director of the Exercise Medicine Research Institute at Edith Cowan University said the generous grant will fund a 12 month trial to determine if an existing clinic-based exercise and nutrition program can achieve the same weight loss results by using telehealth*.

"Weight gain from hormone therapy is a common problem for men who are receiving treatment for prostate cancer," Professor Galvão said.

"To combat this, specialists have been delivering a clinic-based exercise and nutrition program which has proven to be effective in reducing fat mass by more than 3kg in overweight and obese prostate cancer patients.

"The problem is that while good results have been achieved for patients able to attend the clinic-based program, patients in regional, rural and remote settings across WA, or those unable to afford them have been missing out, which is why we're looking at whether telehealth does an equally good job for delivering this important intervention."

Our Cancer Prevention and Research Director, Melissa Ledger, said if effective, the telehealth strategy could be used in regional WA to benefit rural and remote cancer patients.

"Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men in Australia and the second most common cause of cancer-related death," Ms Ledger said.

"Cancer Council WA is committed to achieving the best outcomes for cancer patients and their families and creating a cancer free future, so it's important for us to support research such as Professor Galvão's that has the potential to save lives, especially in regional areas."

Recruitment for the trial will begin in April and be ongoing for 12 months until September 2022. Prostate cancer patients in the metropolitan area wishing to take part in the trial are advised to contact their attending specialist.

*Telehealth is a type of medical appointment using information and communication technologies such as phone or video conference calls.

Number of new cases and deaths from prostate cancer by region, 20171

Region New Cases Deaths
Kimberley 18 1
Pilbara 4 1
Midwest 79 15
Wheatbelt 78 10
Goldfields 36 3
Great Southern 85 12
South West 180 20

Facts about prostate cancer2:

  • In 2020, prostate cancer made up an estimated 22 per cent of all new male cancer diagnoses.
  • In 2020, 3152 males were estimated to have died from prostate cancer.
  • In 2020, prostate cancer made up an estimated 12 per cent of all male deaths from cancer.
1 Dept of Health WA

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