"It not only 'takes a village to raise a child', it takes a village to save one too"

Updated 20 Aug 2021.

Help change a life this Daffodil Day Appeal

Pictured above: Rebecca and Alex Ceglinski.

Alex Ceglinski is 19-years-old. A health promotion student. A lover of music, dancing and cooking. She's also a cancer survivor.

Alex was four-years-old and in kindergarten when doctors found a brain tumour on the base of her cerebellum; her older brother was only seven, and her younger brother just eight months old.

Her family had to go through the unthinkable: watching their frightened daughter and sister go through months of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy to save her life.

"Words cannot convey the moment you are told your child has cancer. There were emotions of shock, horror and disbelief," said Rebecca Ceglinski, Alex's mum.

Sadly, there are many more stories like the Ceglinski's. Every day, 36 West Australians will hear the words "you have cancer".

That's why we desperately need your help to provide thousands of West Australian families, like theirs, with hope for a future without cancer. Please donate this Daffodil Day Appeal to help local researchers unlock critical new discoveries when they're needed most.


It's thanks to Dr Rishi Kotecha's research that Alex is still with us today.

Dr Rishi Kotecha was in the early stages of his paediatric oncology and research career when he crossed paths with Alex. She was one of the first children he helped save.


Alex Ceglinski

Pictured above: (Left) Alex Ceglinski receiving treatment in hospital as a child and her now (right), healthy and happy at 19-years-old.


"We don't have to resign ourselves to losing our loved ones. Research is helping to make treatments far less invasive and much more successful. We have the power to survive what was once unsurvivable."

Alex is alive today thanks to past cancer research funded by people like you. But to keep delivering better treatments - and to keep saving more lives - cancer research urgently needs your support this Daffodil Day Appeal.

Please donate before Friday 27 August, so we can unlock new cancer research discoveries and deliver real hope to West Australian families.

Every dollar given this Daffodil Day Appeal will bring us a step closer to surviving what was once unsurvivable. Your donation will help local cancer researchers, like Dr Rishi Kotecha, uncover more discoveries, providing hope to West Australian families when it's needed most.

Be the Power behind the Flower this Daffodil Day Appeal. donate.cancerwa.asn.au/appeal

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