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No-cook summer meals

Updated 22 Jan 2021.

When it's hot outside, you may be looking for ways to keep your house cool. No-cook recipes sound like the perfect solution for summer meals.

So, get ready to step away from the microwave, stove and oven and try these five meal ideas that are perfect all summer long!

1. Breakfast bircher

Breakfast bircher

A few minutes of preparation the night before means your family can wake up to a cool, filling and healthy breakfast! This bircher muesli is super easy (your kids can even make it!). You can vary the flavours by using the delicious summer fruits in season right now - mango, grapes, stone fruit, melons.. mmmmm!

2. Smoothie time

Banana smoothie

Sometimes you get out of bed, and the day is already hot. You're hungry, but don't feel like eating much. Smoothie to the rescue! The addition of oats boosts the nutrition value, and everything else is pretty much stock standard items: fruit, milk and yoghurt. A quick blitz in the blender and serve. This recipe uses banana, but you could use fresh or frozen berries or even tinned fruit like peaches or apricot!

3. Pudding for breakfast? Yes please!

Chia pudding

Chia Pudding is not only a tasty summertime breakfast, but can also make for a great dessert! Preparation is so easy that the kids can make it.

4. Fiesta salad

Fiesta salad

Let's step into something really simple like a basic lunchbox salad. Use iceberg lettuce as your base and add the usual salad suspects, then lift it up a notch with some corn kernels and red kidney beans - now we have a filling salad! This recipe serves one person, but it can be quickly ramped up to serve the family.

5. Walnut lentil salad

Walnut lentil salad

This salad always receives lots of compliments! Drain a tin of lentils, add a bunch of greens, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, crunchy walnuts and a splash of dressing. What's simpler than that? This salad is tasty on its own, but it's also a great share plate to take to a BBQ!

These recipes require minimal effort for plentiful flavour, and can help you stay cool this summer! You might even add some as regular meals throughout the year. The more no-cook meals, the better!

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