WA researchers need your help to develop a new clinical trial centre

Posted 3 Aug 2021.

WA researchers are seeking your voice in the planning of new clinical trial centre

Through the generosity of our supporters, we have contributed more than $15 million over the last five years to WA based cancer research.

We have committed to a further $2.7 million in the 2021-22 financial year to support research and clinical trials in WA and build the capacity of local researchers and make them more competitive on the national and international research stage.

Part of our research funding supports researchers though funding for early, mid and senior career researchers. These researchers are often involved in clinical research, translational research and clinical trials.

We know that clinical trials are vital for translating the discoveries made in research laboratories in WA and around the world into newer and better treatments for cancer patients. We are so proud that we can fund this crucial research with your support.

Cancer Council WA is an important part of the cancer research community in WA. We are often asked for feedback and to support other organisations looking to engage with the WA community that has been impacted by cancer.

West Australian researchers are seeking your voice and thoughts in the planning and development of a new purpose-built clinical trial centre, which will allow more cancer patients in WA to potentially benefit from new treatments through clinical trials.

Help shape the future of West Australians impacted by cancer by completing the Linear Priorities Workshop Survey.


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