We’re urging the next State Government to better support cancer patients

Posted 3 Mar 2021.

Cancer Information and Support Services

With the State election around the corner, Cancer Council WA is calling on the next WA Government to make cancer their number one priority.

There are six key areas of focus that require immediate attention, from increasing investment in clinical trials to reducing the financial burden for cancer patients and carers.

Our Cancer Information and Support Services Director, Melanie Marsh, explains our three priorities that are focused on better support for cancer patients and their carers.



Wellbeing and support

Mental health issues are on an upward trend in Australia and likely to accelerate because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The consequences of mental health issues are even greater for people with cancer.

We're asking the next State Government to invest $1.3 million over four years to enable us to provide Cancer Support Coordinators in the Goldfields, Kimberley and Pilbara regions to ensure country cancer patients and their carers have access to support and psychosocial services including counselling, peer support and mind and body programs.

Reduce financial burden

We're also urging the Government to reduce the financial burden experienced by cancer patients and their carers by capping parking fees at cancer treatment centres and hospitals to $5 per day.

Many people expect some out of pocket expenses while undergoing treatment, but they certainly shouldn't have to face a large financial burden for parking over a sustained period of time.

Enhance cancer care navigation

Nobody should have to journey through the experience of cancer without full support, guidance and professional advice at every step. Cancer Council WA urges the WA Government to provide funding to establish Cancer Care Navigators to assist and support patients across all service providers.

If you agree that the State Government should invest more in support for cancer patients and carers, make your voice heard.

Sign our Cancer Priority #1 petition today.

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