How do we fund cancer research?

It is critical that we use your donation in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Our competitive research program aims to retain world-class researchers here in WA, by supporting them at every step of their career. Not only are these researchers vital to our fight against the disease, they're also the key to inspiring future generations to take up careers in cancer research, safeguarding our local research sector.

We support research projects with the potential to have a real impact in the community. From lab-based research to clinical trials for treatment, every result helps us to understand cancer better, and find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat it.

As the largest charitable funder of cancer research in Western Australia, we fund peer-reviewed world-class research that reduces the incidence and impact of cancer. Our funding is highly sought after, offering a range of opportunities to students, and junior researchers through to senior researchers. All grant applications go through a competitive process to ensure we only fund the highest quality research.

So how does our funding program work?

The process below ensures good governance and the most effective use of your donation.


Step 1


  • Cancer Council WA invites researchers to submit their research proposals.


Step 3

   Step 2

  • Cancer Council WA forwards the proposal to our appropriate Research Grants Advisory Committee/Subcommittee for independent assessment against set criteria. Our committees consist of internationally and nationally recognised WA cancer researchers alongside community representatives.


Step 4

   Step 3

  • The scores of individual committee members are combined to give a ranking of applications. Committee members are excluded from scoring and decision making for proposals where they have a potential conflict of interest.


Step 5

   Step 4

  • Where necessary, committee members will meet to discuss their individual scores and agree on the final ranking. For some grants, shortlisted applicants are invited to do an interview.


Step 6

   Step 5

  • The Research Grants Advisory Committee submit their recommendations based on the ranking (and interview where applicable) to our CEO. Once approved by our CEO, funding is offered to the researcher.