Collaborative Cancer Grant Scheme

for early to mid-career investigators (CCGS)

Together in partnership to fund collaborative, competitive research led by early to mid-career cancer researchers......

Cancer Council WA, Western Australian Government, Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, The University of Western Australia, Telethon Kids Institute.

This scheme, established by Cancer Council WA in conjunction with the Western Australian Health Translation Network, is being administered by Cancer Council WA.

The aim is to improve research quality and increase the competitiveness of WA early to mid- career cancer researchers by helping researchers obtain preliminary data and build collaborative networks.

A unique feature of these grants is that each application is required to have at least one chief investigator from a minimum of three West Australian research organisations.

Please note: we are currently reviewing our 2020 funding opportunities for funding to commence in 2021

Applications are CLOSED

The application process consists of three stages:  expression of intent; full application; and interview . Click here for guide to applicants 79kb

Expression of Intent Stage - CLOSED

The Expression of Intent (EOI) process requires applicants to foreshadow their intention to submit a full application. This includes general information and a two page summary on collaborative gain, the research proposal and significance and innovation.

The purpose of the EOI is to short-list applicants. Those EOI's considered to be uncompetitive will not be invited to submit a full and detailed proposal for further consideration. 


The EOI does not bind or finalise any commitment to submit a Full Application.

Click here for your EOI Application Form (115kb)

Full Application Stage

Those applicants who have submitted EOI's deemed to be competitive will progress through to the full application stage, at which time they will be provided with a Full Application form.

Full Applications will ONLY BE ACCEPTED from groups who have submitted an EOI by the deadline, and have been invited to the full application stage.

Interview Stage 

Applicants shortlisted in the full application assessment stage will be expected to attend a short interview. The expectation is that all CIs will be able to attend, in the instance where this is not possible an adequate explanation must be provided.

For guidance on the Community Criteria and how to write a plain language summary please review the General Guidance Documents.

For more information contact:

Research Admin Officer
Cancer Council Western Australia
Level 1, 420 Bagot Road
SUBACO  WA  6008
Tel: (08) 9388 4343
Fax: (08) 9388 4399