In 2019 we anticipate the research project grant applications will be assessed and ranked via the NHMRC Ideas Grant process.

Please note: While research project grant applications will be assessed via the NHMRC process, the Cancer Councils will continue to make the funding decisions, as is current practice.

Please note below additional information and changes to the Project Grant documents (1 May 2019)

Cancer Council WA Guide to Applicants and Conditions of Award
On page 3 under who qualifies as an early career researcher - allowance are made for relative to opportunity considerations and career disruptions as defined by the NHMRC Investigator Grants 2019 Guidelines, Appendix B. If applicable please provide details (no more than 1200 characters including lines and spacing) in an additional 1 page document which is to be attached as the final page to the Supplementary Questions document.

The Supplementary Questions document
**Please note: an amended version of the Supplementary Questions form was published on 1 May 2019. Please ensure that the amended Supplementary Questions Form is used for your application**

Research Project Grants

Our Research Project Grants aim to provide support for local, world class cancer researchers to help further their research. Grants are initially short listed through the national expert review process of the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), and are then further assessed by the Cancer Council WA Research Grants Advisory Committee. Grant applications are assessed on the basis of quality, practicality, value for money and contribution to the advancement of cancer knowledge.

Important dates for 2019

06 March 2019
Applications open
10 April 2019
Minimum data due in the NHMRC Ideas Grant granting system. Some institutions may have an earlier due date for submission to their Research Office
08 May 2019 Closing date for applications to the NHMRC. Some institutions may have an earlier closing date for submission to their Research Office
22 May 2019 Closing date for submission of Supplementary Questions to the National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat
22 May 2019 Closing date for the Cancer Council New South Wales - Box Rallies Project Grant applications, This includes the Cancer Council NSW Consumer Review FormLink to further information
31 May 2019 Closing date for submission of Cancer Council Western Australia Community Criteria form to Cancer Council WA (please note this is NOT the same as the Cancer Council NSW Consumer Review Form)
Aug/Sep 2019
Anticipated NHMRC peer review period
 Oct/Nov 2019 Anticipated Cancer Council peer review period
Nov/Dec 2019 Cancer Councils advise applicants of outcomes

Applications for funding in 2019

SUPPLEMENTARY QUESTIONS (and CCNSW Consumer Review Form) - 22 May 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Important changes have been made to our Research Project Grant application process. Failure to address these changes in your application will have important implications for funding - please see the Guidance to Applicants document for details.


If you intend to apply for a Research Project Grant there are now four steps for submission (5 steps if you are applying for the CCNSW Box Rallies Project Grant):


Minimum data due in the NHMRC Ideas Grant granting system. Visit the NHMRC website for information.

Closing date: Wednesday 10 April 2019.


Submit a NHMRC Ideas Grant application through the NHMRC granting system. Visit the NHMRC website for information.  

Closing date: Wednesday 08 May 2019.


Submit the Cancer Council Supplementary Questions (63 kb) document by email as a separate pdf file directly to Cancer Council Australia's National Cancer Research Grants Secretariat ( 

The Supplementary Questions 2019 document identifies which cancer funding body you are submitting your application to for funding consideration and provides information specific to Cancer Council applications.

Note: the Box Rallies Project Grants offered by Cancer Council NSW are open to ALL Australian cancer researchers.  See below for further information.

Closing date: Wednesday 22 May 2019.


Submit the Cancer Council WA Community Criteria Form (85 kb) directly to Cancer Council Western Australia at in either pdf or Word format.

For IMPORTANT information regarding the community criteria and how to write a plain language summary please review the General Guidance Documents.

Closing date: Friday 31 May 2019.

Please Note:

The NHMRC application ID must be used for the Supplementary Questions and Community Criteria documents.

For information on details we collect, please see our Privacy Collection Statement (pdf, 51kb).

Eligibility criteria and guidelines for applicants

Applicants need to adhere to 'Cancer Council WA Guide to Applicants and Conditions of Award' - Updated 18 April 2019 (pdf 236kb) as well as NHMRC eligibility criteria, if they are applying to both organisations for funding.

Applicants ineligible to apply for NHMRC Project Grant funding are still entitled to apply via the NHMRC process for Cancer Council grants.

Cancer Council NSW National Box Rallies Project Grant (Box Rallies)

In recognition of the national fundraising efforts of Box Rallies' events, Cancer Council NSW has established a new Project Grant category open to all Australian cancer researchers - the National Box Rallies Project Grant (Box Rallies). The grant will be fully funded by Box Rallies supporters and will be available annually commencing 2020, coinciding with the 10th anniversary of Box Rallies.

Applications for funding are aligned with the National Health and Medical Research Council's Ideas Grants submission and review processes. Applicants will be required to comply with Cancer Council NSW Project Grant requirements.

Researchers wishing to apply for Box Rallies will need to complete the following:

  1. NHMRC Ideas Grant application (through RGMS). In the NHMRC application, applicants to tick ‘Cancer Council';
  2. Cancer Council Supplementary Questions document, available here. In the Supplementary Questions document, applicants to select ‘Box Rallies - Cancer Council New South Wales'; and
  3. Cancer Council NSW Consumer Review Form, available here.

Box Rallies funding is:

  • open to all Australian cancer researchers;
  • open to research projects on any aspect of cancer, including its causes, mechanisms, prevention, treatment and care, and the organisation and performance of cancer control services;
  • awarded for up to three years, commencing in January 2020; and
  • valued up to $450,000 over three years.

Applications will open on 6 March 2019. Closing dates are: 8 May 2019 for the NHMRC Ideas Grants (through RGMS) and 22 May 2019 for Supplementary Questions/ Consumer Review Forms.

For further information on consumer involvement in research, click here.
For further information on Cancer Council NSW Project Grants and Box Rallies, please visit Cancer Council NSW, or contact Cancer Council NSW Research Grant Management Team (

State Cancer Councils

There are variations in both the amount and duration of funding offered by the Cancer Councils. See below for a snapshot of what is offered.
Cancer Council  No of Years    Amount (Maximum per year)
Cancer Council ACT  1 year approx $65,000
Cancer Council NSW (inc Box Rallies Project Grants)
 1 - 3 yrs  $150,000
Cancer Council SA / SAHMRI
generally for 1 year Up to $100,000
Cancer Council Victoria  1 - 3 yrs  $100,000
Cancer Council Western Australia  1 - 2 yrs  $100,000

The National Grants Secretariat will continue to be hosted by Cancer Council Victoria on behalf of Cancer Council Australia. The Secretariat will be the link between the NHMRC and Cancer Council Western Australia. For additional information please visit National Grants Secretariat website.

Contacts for further information:

Cancer Council/NHMRC Liaison Officer:
Dorani Lacey
Phone: 03 9514 6319

Cancer Council Western Australia:

Research Admin Officer
Phone: 08 9388 4354

email us

Daffodil BulletLink to Research Grant recipients from previous years